Canal Engineering

A long-term partnership focusing on web design, development, and digital marketing has seen Canal Engineering’s conversion rate increase by 2077%, resulting in a 6406% increase in actual conversions in just one year – without an increase in spend.

About Canal Engineering

Based in Nottingham, Canal Engineering has over 90 years of experience and heritage in British metalwork fabrication. The Canal group is composed of Canal Architectural, providing bespoke architectural metalwork, Aspen Stainless, providing bespoke stainless steel, Ajax, providing safe access products, CEATA, providing engineering training, and Imperial, providing tobacco reclaiming machinery.

Where we began

Our work with Canal covers the better part of a decade, with our first website project for the company starting in 2011.

We maintained close relationships with the Canal team, leading them to contract us again to launch the most recent redesign and build of the group’s six websites in 2016.

For this project, we delivered all six sites in a WordPress multisite build, allowing access to all of them through one control panel with just one login.

Strategic digital marketing results

Beginning in August 2019, we grew our relationship with Canal once again to provide SEO, PPC, content, and reporting services across Canal Architectural, Aspen, Ajax, and CEATA.

Focusing on management of Google Ads paid campaigns that point towards bespoke landing pages, as well extensive, strategic on-site and technical SEO, we have managed to boost Canal’s conversion rate across the four sites, delivering solid leads and enquiries consistently.

Through monthly analysis and reporting of the results, we have been able to continually refine and improve our approach. Having built these websites in house proves to be a real asset, allowing us to make extensive conversion rate optimisation (CRO) changes to page designs and layouts at a developer level in order to improve user experience and drive lead generation.

Putting the numbers in context

Canal’s conversion rate has increased by 2077%, resulting in a 6406% increase in actual average monthly conversions.

Huge, meaningless numbers without a little context – this essentially means that when we benchmarked Canal’s performance for the year prior to us beginning to work on their digital marketing, they were averaging less than one conversion per month through the website, lagging far behind their other marketing efforts. Now they get quite a few – so the number really does shoot through the roof.

The most important statistic is that we managed to do this without increasing Canal’s monthly spend, either on marketing retainer or ad budgets – showing just how far you can go with a fully optimised, well managed campaign.

Ongoing web development work

Canal are the perfect example of how companies – particularly in the manufacturing and engineering industries – have come to trust us as long-term partners.

Through consistently delivering a reliable service across web design and digital marketing, we have helped Canal to grow – something that is continuing through 2020 and 2021.

Recent ad hoc web design and development work, carried out in service of various digital marketing goals, has made a real impact – and the Canal team are as keen to keep the momentum going as we are.

We are beginning to bring each website in the group up to date, helping each establish their own identity a little more clearly, while also delivering a wider range of bespoke designs and features for each section to help each site meet specific needs and reach specific audiences. Watch this space!

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