Paid Digital Advertising

We’re digital advertising experts and a certified Google Ads partner, providing a comprehensive range of paid digital advertising services.

What is paid advertising in digital marketing?

Paid advertising in digital marketing is a strategy where you can pay to place your ads on digital platforms, enhancing visibility and reach. Knowing how and where to leverage your paid ads budget can be a daunting task – and one that needs regular monitoring and adapting. That’s where we come in!

As an advertising and digital marketing agency we can transform your business with bespoke, targeted paid advertising campaigns that we tailor for your needs and audience.

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Display Advertising

Our passionate paid ads experts work with you to design digital advertising display solutions and retargeting display ads that will convert casual browsers to a returning customer base.

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Programmatic Advertising

Our expert marketing team can tailor and manage your programmatic display advertising to reduce ad spend and maximise ROI using an industry-leading system.

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Google Ads & Search Ads

We are a certified Google Ads partner, providing comprehensive Google ads management services that can make a huge difference to your lead generation prospects.

How we can help with your digital advertising strategy:

We’re committed to aligning with your unique business needs and will work with you to create a bespoke paid ads campaign.
We amplify your brands visibility through targeted ads suited to your audience.
We regularly monitor your campaigns to keep on top of ad spend.
We’ll keep you in-the-know of how your campaign is performing and what we can do to push results – transparency is key to us.
Our design team create all of our ad assets in house.
We offer solutions for a broad range of digital advertising platforms to help you reach a wider audience.
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Open College of the Arts

Every year we create a bespoke content marketing strategy, structured in collaboration with paid ads for optimum results.

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Chem Resist

Since their site launch, we’ve been supporting Chem Resist’s digital marketing strategy. This includes SEO on pages and content, pay-per-click ads across Google and LinkedIn, building new landing pages into key user journey points, and managing campaign-driven organic social media content.

“Working with Splitpixel, initially to design and develop the new website and subsequently on SEO, PPC and campaign driven activities has meant I’ve worked directly with several members of the team. They are all, as individuals really helpful and responsive and Splitpixel has quickly become a valued marketing partner.

Kate Pullen

Chem Resist

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