15 years of Splitpixel

Greg and Charlie on the first day at the office


Greg and Charlie in 2009 wearing Splitpixel t shirts


Greg (right) Charlie (middle) and Jon (Left) at an event dressed smartly


Splitpixel Employees at a restaurant


Splitpixel employees, Charlie, Rob, Greg and Jon


Splitpixel employees, Greg, Jon, Rob, Ash and Charlie in 2013


Splitpixel employees in 2014 sat on an orange sofa


Splitpixel employees at an escape room


Splitpixel Employees stood by a limousine


Greg, Amy and Charlie in the office before it's renovations in 2017


A group of Slitpixel employees on a large round table in 2018 at an event


Splitpixel Employees with bows and arrows


Jon and Ash walking alpacas in 2020


The Splitpixel staff with swords and pirate props at an escape room


Splitpixel Team photo


The Splitpixel staff in 2023 outside a restaurant


A few more of our favourites…

Splitpixel staff in 2009 drinking wine
Charlie and Greg decorating a cake together
Charlie and Greg making cocktails behind a bar in 2016
A group photo of the Splitpixel staff in 2015
Ash smiling while Charlie hugs him and Greg gives him presents in 2015
Rob and Job in the office on the floor with beanbags
Jon painting the office in 2015
Three splitpixel employees, in dresses at an event in 2015
Job and Rob in 2012 wearing shopping bags as vests
A selfie of Charlie, Ash, Jon, Rob and Seth getting on a plane
Jon, Charlie and Max in Porto
Greg and Charlie in 2008 trying to build IKEA furniture
Ash, Max and Jon wearing Lidl Christmas jumpers
Three Splitpixel employees in a restaurant
Splitpixel employees in the airport
A group of Splitpixel employees
Job smiling holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing an Everton shirt
Rob answering a pink phone in the office
Splitpixel employees at Gravity
Three Splitpixel employees from 2009 drinking mimosas
A group of Splitpixel employees, Max, Jon, Carlos and Goncalo
A group of Splitpixel employees
Ell, Eleanor, Seth and Max in Porto