Delivering a creative new site, complete with digital branding and full copywriting, for a sophisticated ticketing platform.

About Ticketsolve

Since 2007, Ticketsolve has become a leading box office platform striving to provide the best online ticketing service for their 330+ clients across the UK and Ireland. Their integrations, innovations and automations continually enhance their clients’ user experience and keep them up to date with the evolving needs of the theatre, arts and culture industry.

The brief

The team at Ticketsolve wanted to work with an agency that really understood the needs and challenges faced by the theatre and arts industry, especially in a post-covid landscape. It just so happens that theatre and arts websites are a specialism of ours at Splitpixel and we were particularly excited to work with a software company that shared our values.

They wanted a futureproof website that would keep them up to date as they continue to grow, all the while delivering consistently high results facilitated by a smooth user journey.

Ticketsolve also had a lot to say, and they were looking for a team to give them the right words to capture their messaging without overdoing it – something of a challenge in the world of software development, but we were up for the task!

Ticketsolve pages shown on a tablet

Bespoke digital branding design

We worked closely with the Ticketsolve team to deliver their vision. Using the Ticketsolve logo as a starting point, our designers carefully constructed a visual language for the new site. From the curated colour palate to the impactful hero video displayed on the homepage, we aimed to convey the sophistication as well as the simplicity of the platform.

Incorporating branding into all elements of the site, the design showcases something bright and dynamic without being overwhelming. Almost minimalist in places, the design leaves just enough room for the content to breathe so that core messaging is strong and clear.

User-focused content

The challenge was conveying the potential complexities of software into something succinct and accessible for users. In keeping with the theme of the design, our copywriting balances professionalism and personality, character and conciseness in order to lead users along a clear journey that keeps them informed and engaged.

Not only does the copywriting clearly detail all of the features of the Ticketsolve platform, it also explores the story behind the brand, the Ticketsolve team, and their values. This is one of the most important parts of web copy – communicating passion authentically is a fundamental way of building trust with an audience of potential clients.

Importantly, the content we created complements the design (and vice versa)! During the population process, careful thought was put into how text should be presented, which messaging should be particularly highlighted, how headings should be used, and – ultimately – how the site should be structured to give users quick and easy access to the right information.

WordPress development and integration

We built the website to fit needs of the team at Ticketsolve. They wated something flexible with an easy CMS, so we created custom branded modules that could be easily tweaked for purpose without impacting the aesthetic of the site or compromising on reliability.

Just as the Ticketsolve service itself provides multiple solutions on a single platform, we cared about delivering a site which integrated tools that Ticketsolve need to grow. This included a bespoke HubSpot integration allowing Ticketsolve to manage their blog, CRM, and lead generation forms in one place.

And just like the Ticketsolve platform itself, the website we built is mobile-forward to reflect the trending behaviour of web users. This means that their content looks and functions just as beautifully on any device, and from any browser.

At six months post-launch, the Ticketsolve website was performing extremely well across several key metrics. Website clicks were up by 26.4%, impressions were up by 81.7%, average session rose by 38.5%, and page views rose by 23.5%. Organic search users were up by 33.8%, social traffic users were up by 75.6%, and email traffic users were up by a staggering 735.7%!

“We chose to work with Splitpixel because they really understand the arts and culture industry, having already worked with many clients in our customer base. They took a collaborative approach, translating our ideas and stories into a website that not only looks beautiful, but is impactful and draws people in to learn more. The Splitpixel team really hit the nail on the head; the site is integrated with HubSpot, and everything is really easy to use.”

Lucy, Head of Marketing


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