Wimbledon BookFest

London’s leading literary festival got a fresh new look that has made their brand shine - complete with a full Spektrix integration featuring a festival event listing, memberships and donations.

About Wimbledon BookFest

Wimbledon BookFest began in 2006 with a mission to bring the local community together at an annual literature festival.

Today, it is regarded as one of the UK’s leading literary festivals and is home to talks and events by leading authors, thinkers, scholars and entertainers from the world of literature, arts, politics and sport, while also delivering education projects for schools and young people.

The brief

Wimbledon BookFest was looking for an eye-catching and easy-to-use new website before the start of their annual literature festival. A key aim was to incorporate their established brand into the website’s overall feel and design while also maintaining a seamless user experience. We put together custom modules and design elements including the distinctive book stack design to mirror the festival’s values and let their brand shine.

Our team integrated Spektrix within the website to streamline festival listings, memberships, and donations, creating a central hub for visitors and supporters to find out key information and book tickets while also being incredibly easy to use behind the scenes for the Wimbledon BookFest team.

Additionally, we created a custom school event listing, outside of the Spektrix system, to accommodate the variety of events Wimbledon BookFest offers not just during festival season, but year-round.

Brand-focused design

Our team was inspired by the community values and clear identity emanating from the Wimbledon BookFest brand and we were keen to show this in the website design. The design is very welcoming and functional, reflecting the ethos of Wimbledon BookFest.

The emblematic book stack theme can be seen across the website whether through the more subtle use of slanted angles navigation menu and footer, or in more obvious book stack module layouts with customisable text. This striking graphic element encapsulates the festival’s spirit and serves as a recognisable nod to the brand, reflecting the festival’s mission to educate, bring a community spirit and entertain.

Full Spektrix integration

The Wimbledon BookFest site is complete with full Spektrix integration, making it easier for visitors to book festival events, and to support Wimbledon BookFest through memberships and donations. Through this, we have made the site much simpler to use and easy to navigate for the 20,000+ festival-goers each year. At the same time, Spektrix helps the Wimbledon BookFest team keep track of all bookings, memberships and donations all in one place.

As well as the standard Spektrix events listing, we developed a feature that allows the BookFest team to automatically group events into festival pages that follow a more festival programme-style format, giving them far more control over how they present their events to users.

Futureproof and easy-to-use CMS

Our futureproof WordPress CMS is a big upgrade for the Wimbledon BookFest team, who are now able to easily add content, edit and customise the site instantly. All pages can be built up using tailored modules designed especially for the site, allowing a large level of customisation while also staying true to the overall style and design – as well as sticking to accessibility guidelines and responsive layouts.

The Wimbledon BookFest team have received training to aid their journey to discovering all of the features and capabilities of their new CMS, and we also continue to support the team with changes and updates to their new site to allow them to be able to evolve and adjust the site to their developing needs.

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