WordPress Integrations

Our developers specialise in custom WordPress integrations – building bespoke websites that transform your digital offering.

Our area of expertise

We can expertly integrate a range of third-party systems directly into WordPress, giving your users one seamless experience from start to finish, and giving your team a simple and convenient system to manage.

If you rely on third-party software, getting a new website can be a challenge. We plan WordPress integrations from the early stages of our projects, so they never feel like an afterthought. Instead, they enhance your digital presence and get the results you want.

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Box Office Integrations

Working with many arts and culture clients, tailored box office integrations have become an area of expertise.

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CRM Integrations

Our developers can provide a tailored WordPress CRM integration using your preferred customer relationship management software.

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Donation Integrations

We offer charities and not-for-profits tailored donation software integrations to create an accessible, effective donation system.

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WooCommerce Integrations

Splitpixel offer online retail web design, creating tailored WordPress integrations using WooCommerce.

The benefits of bespoke WordPress integration

Tailored platform integrations are fantastic for your overall website product. Users can make a purchase, complete a form, book an event, or give a donation without ever having to leave your website. The best part is that you’ll only have to input information in one place and our integration can automate the rest!

Greater control of how your website looks and functions

Better branding continuity across your digital offering

Improved accessibility through consistent user journey

More convenient and automated website management

Increased user trust, engagement, retention and conversion

Superior user reporting and analytics capabilities

From basic plugins to custom API integration with WordPress

Our team want to build a website that works for you – allowing you to continue using software vital to your business and incorporating new tools to upgrade your digital capabilities. We take this approach from the simplest plugins to the most complex WordPress integrations.

We always like to provide a simple WordPress Google Analytics integration or Search Console link so you can gather crucial data about your site users. Our marketing team can even help you interpret this data, creating a tailored plan to make the most of your new website.

“We chose to work with Splitpixel because they really understand the arts and culture industry, having already worked with many clients in our customer base. They took a collaborative approach, translating our ideas and stories into a website that not only looks beautiful, but is impactful and draws people in to learn more. The Splitpixel team really hit the nail on the head; the site is integrated with HubSpot, and everything is really easy to use.”

Lucy Costelloe, Head of Marketing


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