Category: Web Design

Interview with a Web Developer (Q&A with Jon Kidger)

Our senior web developer talks responsive websites, tables and sports in our first Q&A video.

Who’s using your website?

How do you carry out audience research and what do you use it for?

Five things to consider before you get a new website

Ready for a fresh look? Get the best from your investment by doing your homework first.

The website brief – why bother, and what we need to know

Do you really need to write a website brief? What will happen if you don’t? We’ve put together an infographic that goes through why it’s worth your time, and an overview of what an agency needs from you.

UX and UI are synonymous with each other – Q+A with Rob Marshall

Our lead designer, flat cap-wearer and harmonica-player talks about his design processes.

My biggest risk was taking up design” – Q+A with Amy Lambert”

Our superstar designer, illustrator and enigmatic office presence talks all things web design.