Splitpixel have provided digital solutions across a diverse range of industries and sectors since its founding in 2008.

We believe that this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We’ve worked on such a variety of projects over the years and every time we try something new, we add a new string to our increasingly fancy bow.

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Digital solutions for all sectors

Splitpixel has been around for over a decade and has expanded throughout that time to offer a wider range of digital services and expertise, perfect for organisations wanting a bespoke approach, tailored for their business and their industry, that delivers results.

Our greatest strength is our team. We are a group of people that work hard to get to know your business, to understand your goals and values, and to build a clear picture or where you currently sit within your industry – as well as where we could help you to be. We want to focus on delivering results that showcase exactly who you are as a business, so your audience or customer base are never in doubt of the things you really care about.

From charities to colleges, from restaurants to recruiters, from dentists to designers – we’ve loved working with them all! We’re particularly proud of our track record with companies in arts and culture, design and creative, education, engineering, manufacturing, professional services, and the services sector, becoming go-to specialists in these industries.

Want to know more about our projects in each sector and how we approach new challenges? Read on below…

  • Arts, Culture, & Leisure
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    Arts, Culture, & Leisure

    We really love getting involved with businesses and organisations in the arts, culture, and leisure sector as they bring so much life to our society. What makes these projects so exciting for us is translating the essence and heart of your establishment to an online platform.

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  • Design & Creative
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    Design & Creative

    With aesthetics at the forefront of these projects, we love getting to flex our stylish web designs to showcase designers and creators’ work in the most inspiring and artful ways, taking established brand guidelines and adapting them for web and digital.

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  • Education
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    We’re so proud to have worked on projects in the education sector for schools and higher educational institutions. We always prioritise ease of use and making these sites as accessible as possible for everyone that needs to use them.

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  • Engineering
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    We’re experts at designing easy-to-use websites and bespoke marketing plans for engineering companies that emphasise their expertise and leave users informed. Organising highly technical information and maximising lead generation potential is key on these projects.

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  • Manufacturing
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    Whether they’re selling to other businesses or directly to customers, we’ve been able to successfully highlight the technical excellence and high-quality products of manufacturing companies to their target audiences through well-designed, custom websites and tailored marketing strategies.

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  • Professional Services
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    Professional Services

    We’ve provided focused, bespoke websites, branding, and marketing plans for companies in the professional services sector to maximise lead generation, convey expertise and professionalism, and display information for multiple stakeholders in a clear and accessible way.

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  • Retail & Ecommerce
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    Retail & Ecommerce

    We love to help digital brands stand out from the crowd in their market and perfect their user journeys. We design bespoke websites and digital marketing plans that prioritise the audience and  maximise conversions to give ecommerce brands and online retailers the results they deserve.

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  • Services Sector
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    Services Sector

    We’ve worked with a variety of organisations across the services sector. Whether driving sales, leads or enquiries is the goal – and they are all different – we really love working with them to help them reach more people and have a wider impact by putting the target audience at the heart of our work.

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  • Theatre & Performing Arts
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    Theatre & Performing Arts

    We’ve worked on a lot of performing arts projects in the last couple of years, most recently the Exeter Northcott Theatre, and we absolutely love doing so! They’re super creative and rewarding projects for us, and integrating booking systems and developing theatre user journeys has become something of a speciality.

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