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About Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces

Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces, or YSF for short, are a family-run retailer and installer of wood burners and multi-fuel stoves, with over 3,000 installed throughout the region. Operating since 2010, they have recently moved to a much larger showroom in Huddersfield.

The brief

The new YSF showroom is a genuinely lovely space – wide, open, minimal design, heavy on the exposed brickwork, it gives their hand-picked range of stoves and fireplaces room to impress. However, it has to be said that the same could not be said of their website, which was beginning to lag behind the times.

Yorkshire Stoves wanted a new website that captured their aspirations for the brand, matched the aesthetic they were presenting in the showroom, and supported their desire to become a more inspirational brand, rather than a product-led installer. They also wanted an improved user experience on site – particularly on mobile – with a view to improving leads through the website.

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Engaging content and design

Many stove retailers overwhelm online customers – they appear to make the assumption that their minds have been made up with regards to the stove they want, and that the website serves only to help them buy it as quickly as possible.

Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces, on the other hand, recognise that people don’t always know exactly what they want. The website needs to encourage people to explore their options, as much selling the idea of a home with a stove itself as selling a particular stove.

With this in mind, our design for the new website was minimal – very much an aspirational catalogue style, with large images, narrow fonts and angular graphics to draw the eye. Content was written to be evocative and descriptive, showing YSF’s technical knowledge while also highlighting their expertise in interior design and style.

We’ve also supported YSF with SEO copywriting and Google Ads campaigns. Over a period of three months, we generated 100.65% more leads from Ads with a 17.49% reduction in spend.

Find out more about our ongoing work with ecommerce brands and online retailers.

Ecommerce and lead generation

Despite the fact that customers cannot buy online – drawing visitors to the showroom is still the primary goal – YSF’s full product catalogue is so large that an ecommerce foundation was the only way to go.

We specialise in WordPress development, and use WooCommerce for many of our shopfront builds. We customised it to remove options for buying (retaining the option to bring it back at a later date, of course), provide full technical specifications, and create layouts for in-depth category content written with SEO in mind. Every product category on the site features unique, informative, keyword-driven content to help search engine users find exactly what they’re looking for.

The build features our completely bespoke modular WordPress page builder, which allows the Stoves team to edit, adjust and expand every section of the site, with endless options for layouts, spacing and colours that will all work perfectly on mobile. It’s as futureproof as can be, allowing YSF to grow their site as much as they need.

“I chose Splitpixel as I thought they had the right team to give us the website we wanted to help our business move forward. I would not change anything about the process we received – Splitpixel have created an amazing website for us, it’s everything we expected and more.

We are already seeing an increase in online enquiries – the website was worth every penny and we look forward to working with them ongoing. Thank you to everyone who worked on our website, we are over the moon with the final design!”

Liam Clough

Yorkshire Stoves & Fireplaces

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