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Making the switch from Wix to WordPress gives ThickSkin Theatre a cutting-edge web presence and a powerful digital marketing tool, with plenty of opportunity for the production company to grow.

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About ThickSkin Theatre

This bold and ambitious production company creates exciting, groundbreaking and ambitious performances for representative audiences. Based out of Manchester with no fixed home, they work with leading theatres across the UK, including our friends at the Lawrence Batley.

The brief

Something new! Something exciting! Something stylish! Something better! ThickSkin had been managing their website themselves for quite a few years using Wix, and had created some great layouts within the platform.

But for all the freedoms it promises, Wix is limited – and the team were running into those limits more and more. It was time to switch to WordPress from Wix, with all of the added function, security and flexibility that WordPress brings.

Developing a digital brand and design style

As a successful, award-winning production company, ThickSkin are established in the UK’s performing arts community, and already had a really strong sense of brand identity.

It was our job to expand on that identity, making it more versatile as a digital brand. As a web presence grows, more additional touches and styles are required, so we helped ThickSkin to expand their colour palette and establish a more consistent set of visual styles that nonetheless allow for greater flexibility in how they are used.

The site design itself takes an overall minimal approach – there is a strong emphasis on white space that allows the flashes of the ThickSkin Yellow brand colour to really pop, drawing the eye towards key areas and multimedia content. It feels fresh, clean and modern. The perfect fit.

Multimedia website content development

Theatre’s a visual medium, and a theatre website needs to capture slices of that magic. Imagery and video are incorporated extensively throughout the site, with options for custom video page headers that literally bring the productions to life, image galleries, and loads of ways to use photographs within the design in striking ways.

The site also makes use of Spotify playlists, a mini ecommerce webshop, resource downloads, contact forms, social media signposts and newsletter mailing list sign-ups to achieve all of the goals the ThickSkin team have for their site, and their users.

Futureproof web development

The ThickSkin team have already been hard at work fleshing out the site with the content they’ve been creating through the lockdown.

The site is built in Battenberg, our bespoke WordPress CMS system that combines the power and structure of WordPress with the visual, drag-and-drop interfaces that the team were used to from their days of using Wix – so it’s highly flexible and intuitive.

They’ve been able to create stylish pages full of multimedia content without needing any input from us, all after just one training session. Take a peek!

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