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Nip in the Bud

A simple and accessible new website for children’s mental health awareness charity, Nip in the Bud.

About Nip in the Bud

A child mental health awareness charity founded in 2015, Nip in the Bud creates early intervention resources for parents, carers, and teachers to enable them to support young people experiencing mental illness or neurodevelopmental conditions.

The brief

The team at Nip in the Bud were looking for a refreshed design for their new website, wanted something updated but equally inviting and accessible. Most importantly, they were looking for a website built to make the user journey as straightforward as possible – putting tailored user experiences for the different audiences they serve at the heart of the design.

To achieve this, they were looking to improve several aspects of their site – including updated payment and donation methods and search engine optimisation for their copywriting across the site. Similarly, they wanted their updated brand identity to be stronger throughout the site for one consistent experience, and this would involve updating documents in their resource library too.

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Refreshed design and accessible content

We created a refreshed colour palette and refined the branding for Nip in the Bud’s new site to offer an updated aesthetic. The site balances bright colours and bold, high-quality images, with succinct copywriting to deliver Nip in the Bud’s core messaging. We made content improvements across Nip in the Bud’s top-level pages to optimise them for organic search rankings and make the language more inclusive and appropriate for a range of audiences.

Our content creator, Eleanor, helped to ensure this refreshed design was reflected across the site by redesigning Nip in the Bud’s resource content sheets to match the updated branding and style theme. These downloadable resources are a key part of the site, so consistent branding really helps bring everything together.

The structure of the site – from the top-level pages to the library of specialised resources, all throughout the user journey – was re-examined to ensure the site catered to a variety of users including parents and carers as well as teachers and professionals such as GPs and social workers. We made the decision to segment the user journey from the header menu so that people would be able to find the appropriate resources for their needs immediately.

Futureproof WordPress development

We built a site that fully conforms to the WCAG AA accessibility guidelines, right down to its coding. This was particularly important for Nip in the Bud who, as an organisation raising awareness about child mental health conditions including neurodevelopmental conditions, want to champion accessibility.

Our developers also integrated Donorfy so that the donation function is built right into the website. This means users will be able to donate without having to navigate away from the main site at any point while still offering them multiple payment options using our custom form. Features like this are vital for a user experience that facilitates a straightforward and trustworthy donation process.

As the team at Nip in the Bud is comprised of trustees and consultants, the website CMS needed to be as easy to update and manage as possible. Our custom WordPress CMS is entirely modular, meaning content can easily be added or amended with just a few clicks. This means the website will continue to support them as they continue to grow for years to come.

“Having launched the charity Nip in the Bud with six films and six fact sheets in November 2017, four years later a further 50 films and much additional content had been produced. We engaged Splitpixel to upgrade the website to AA accessibility, to accommodate the ever-growing content and to improve functionality. They made the website more user friendly yet maintained the original brand. Pages are now directed to our different personas for which the Splitpixel team created warm and engaging copy. Much needed search functions were added too.

Ren and her team have been very nice to work with. They are enthusiastic and creative. They understand and are on board with the aims and ethos of Nip in the Bud. Throughout the project they have been responsive and ready to come up with ideas, discuss issues and tweak or fix snags. Our audiences are delighted with the easy to navigate attractive website Splitpixel has created.”

Thank you from Kitty, Matt and the Nip in the Bud Team

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