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A beautifully simple and impressive new site for a Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pool committed to sustainability and responsible investment – complete with dynamic design elements and bespoke development features.

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About Border to Coast

Since 2018, Border to Coast Pensions Partnership has grown to become one of the largest LGPS pools in the UK. Through innovation and collaboration with its partner funds, it develops cost-effective, long-term investment opportunities based in its head office in Leeds.

The brief

Border to Coast was looking for a new site which better reflected its maturity and growth since inception. It was looking for something professional and visually striking which effectively demonstrated its purpose and the progress made in delivering the benefits of pooling to the LGPS.

It was also looking for a team who could completely revamp its vast publications library to create a simpler, user-friendly system.

Above all it wanted something easily accessible and updatable with a simple CMS that would allow the team to amend and create webpages as often as needed. This would allow the website to grow and develop over time.

Minimalist design with dynamic elements

To capture the simple, sleek and professional aesthetic that would reflect the partnership’s brand, our Senior Designer, Amy, opted for a minimalist, pared-back design. Translating the Border to Coast logo into a colour scheme, the site has a lot of clean white space with blues and yellows adding life throughout.

The site is immediately impactful, with a full-screen, high-quality hero video featuring scenic aerial shots depicting rural and urban landscapes from across Border to Coast’s Partner Funds, making great use of time-lapse videography. Perfectly paired with subtle dynamic animation elements – including the logo on the homepage and parallax scrolling content blocks – they give the site a real presence that is tasteful and highly modern.

Interactive features and sophisticated library categorisation

Our Development Director, Jon, led the way on creating a smart publications library for Border to Coast. He totally redesigned the system so that hundreds of files could be easily categorised and filtered. Jon also added a locked members area so certain content could be hidden whenever necessary.

The library can even be used to dynamically pull documents to other areas of the site if required. We also added a similar interactive listing for their investment funds to make everything far easier to find. They both do a good job of improving a user’s experience on the site.

The custom WordPress CMS we delivered has a simple modular system that makes everything extremely easy to amend, update, and create. This means that the team at Border to Coast can change their web content with just a few clicks whenever they like.

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