Our Team

We keep our team small, and focused on our key specialisms. It means our clients work one-on-one with familiar faces that all share the same philosophy and passion for what we do.

Our Team
  • Greg Smuk

    Greg Smuk

    Technical Director
    Begrudging Halifax town supporter and enthusiastic jam sandwich eater.

    Greg co-founded Splitpixel in 2008 with honest values in mind. Being fair, open and offering value for money were top of the list, never wanting to see clients get ripped off.

    As technical director, Greg oversees the development team, web hosting and ecommerce projects, making sure we’re always staying true to those core values with a no-nonsense approach.

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  • Charlie Herke

    Charlie Herke

    Studio Director
    Nitpicker, bag hoarder, film forgetter.

    Charlie co-founded Splitpixel in 2008 out of a desire to offer something more. Something exciting and creative, but also something that would put customers first.

    That original inspiration is still an essential part of who we are. As studio director, Charlie manages web and marketing projects to keep things on track, and make sure our clients are always getting the best from us.

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  • Jon Kidger

    Jon Kidger

    Senior Developer
    Former non-league superstar for Dalton Dynamoes AFC.

    Jon is Splitpixel employee number one – he’s been with us since 2011 as our lead developer. Originally a custom-coding proponent, Jon has embraced WordPress in the last few years.

    However, he’s never been one to be limited by a platform – specialising in WordPress and HubSpot integrations, he’s helped us push the boundaries of what both can do for our clients.

    His football days behind him, he has given himself over wholly to a life of code.

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  • Ash Kwil

    Ash Kwil

    Full Stack Developer
    Pug owner, woodworker, gamer, fixer.

    Ash is our specialist full stack developer, building and managing huge networks and databases for our clients. A background in design means he’s the full package, creating assets too.

    As our resident tech nerd, he also spends a lot of time supporting our clients with server and maintenance issues, as well as building and fixing all of our PCs for us.

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  • Rob Marshall

    Rob Marshall

    Senior Designer
    Can play the Safety Dance on four different musical instruments.

    Rob joined Splitpixel back in 2012 as our lead designer, bringing more than a decade of experience with him, and specialising in digital brand development.

    As a web designer, his focus is on user experience – rather than taking the flashiest approach, he carefully considers what is right for every business, and their audience.

    Rob’s specialism Recent design

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  • Amy Waldren

    Amy Waldren

    Illustrator & Designer
    World traveller, coffee lover, enigma.

    Amy is a creative designer specialising in marketing assets and promotional literature, and takes the lead on many of our web design projects too.

    As a lifelong artist, Amy brings her skills as an illustrator to our design team, greatly improving the creative scope of what we can offer to our clients.

    Amy’s specialism Recent design

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  • Rob Evans

    Rob Evans

    Content Manager
    The only person who had to write their own bio.

    Rob is a content strategist, editor and copywriter that can – and probably already has – written about pretty much any niche subject you can think of. Yes, even that one.

    As a strategist, Rob is responsible for planning sitemaps, user journeys and content plans, working with both our search and design teams to ensure the best possible user experience.

    He is also responsible for managing web projects across the studio and, as a result, is often very tired.

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  • Emily Aspinall

    Emily Aspinall

    Digital Content Creator
    Relentlessly positive camera operator.

    Emily is all over all things creative. Social media scheduler, video director, copywriter, photographer – you name it. She makes you look good.

    Overflowing with ideas and cheeriness to the point that it’s almost annoying, she’s also ridiculously organised. Her colour-coded calendar gives everyone else a headache.

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  • Michelle Millar

    Michelle Millar

    Digital Marketing Manager
    Ukulele player, baker, 10k runner.

    Michelle is a digital marketing specialist with a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, and a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

    The longest-serving member of our marketing team, she is responsible for end-to-end delivery of digital campaigns for our clients, with a focus on marketing automation.

    Michelle’s specialism Marketing guidance

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  • Carlos Pinheiro

    Carlos Pinheiro

    Search Marketing Manager
    The search king of Portugal.

    Carlos is in charge of all things search as our resident SEO and PPC specialist. His head for spreadsheets and numbers is unrivalled. His smile is infectious. His briefcase is very stylish.

    As a forward-thinking strategist, he’s always on the lookout for opportunities for our clients.

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