The six marketing metrics your MD really cares about

Prove the return on investment of your marketing efforts by presenting these six results.

Prove the return on investment of your marketing efforts by monitoring the metrics that matter

One of the biggest challenges for any digital marketer has nothing to do with competition or campaign performance. Often the main hurdle is simply getting your manager, or your director, or whoever controls the budget, on board with your idea.

Most digital marketing isn’t a quick win. It’s a process that builds over time, which means it can be hard to sell to senior management. We put together this guide to help with that.

It covers:

  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC), marketing percentage of CAC, and the radio of lifetime value to CAC.
  • Marketing-influenced and marketing-originated customer percentage.
  • What these metrics mean, why they matter, and how to calculate them.

All tailored towards proving the worth of your marketing activity to senior decision makers. Download it for free below!

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Why it’s worth a download…

Easy to read guide

It might seem like it will just be jargon-filled, and there is some involved. But we explain everything in straightforward terms.

Lots of examples

We set out the formula for calculating these metrics and illustrate with a working example that you can use to explain to your MD.

Impress your MD

Speaking of, many directors don’t believe marketers are focused enough on results. Prove that’s not the case with key metrics.

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