The four steps to mastering digital marketing project management

Prioritising your workload, sticking to the plan, and when you should just say no.

The four steps to delivering digital campaigns, on time and to budget.

The demands on digital marketing managers are many – multiple channels to manage, multiple campaigns to juggle, multiple stakeholders to please, and a field that constantly changes. Staying on top of it all is an artform.

We’ve put together a guide to mastering digital project management – common challenges, and the four key skills you need to solve them.

It covers:

  • Managing multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • Planning out marketing activity timescales effectively, and how to prioritise.
  • Staying on task and to schedule, keeping scope creep at bay.

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Why it’s worth a download…

Easy to read guide

It might seem like it will just be jargon-filled, and there is some involved. But we explain everything in straightforward terms.

Clear and concise

It’s just 14 pages long – not too long, not too short. We try and dig deep to give you what you need, without rambling on.

From the experts

Put together by project managers from our marketing and web teams, it’s informed by our years of experience delivering digital projects.

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