How to write the perfect website brief: arts and culture edition

Advice and templates for putting together a web brief for your venue.

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Writing a website brief for a new site for your venue can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve never done it before. In this guide, we go through what you should be sending to your prospective agencies in order to come out with a site that does exactly what you want it to, on time, and to budget.

In this updated edition we’ve tailored our advice based on the conversations we’ve had with arts and culture organisations across the UK, and the many briefs we’ve been sent from them – both good and bad!

Inside, we’ll take you through every aspect of website planning, and writing a creative brief, including:

  • What a brief needs to achieve in order to be useful – both for you, and for your agency.
  • Questions you should ask yourself, and information you should share.
  • How to properly scope out your ticketing system requirements.
  • A step-by-step guide to putting together a website brief.
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It’s not just about what an agency needs from you. What you need from an agency matters too. Is it us? No pressure!

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