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An improved user journey for NGF to bring their web presence right up to date after 20 years in the business.

About NGF Industrial Doors

NGF Industrial Doors are a door manufacturer based in Castleford, West Yorkshire, but operating all over the UK. Founded in 1995, they have a great reputation for the build quality and price of their bespoke industrial doors. The name NGF comes from the initials of founder Nigel Furby, but have since become a backronym for Nobody Goes Further – which nicely sums up their company ethos!

After more than 20 years in the business, NGF were in a great position – but the one weak link in the chain was their website, which looked more than a little outdated, and also didn’t do what they needed it to do anymore. A new website needed to look modern and professional, with an easily updateable content management system, and the ability to let the NGF team build on the site with marketing activity in the future. It also needed to capture the team’s personality!

NGF also wanted to continuously optimise their content over time to help improve their search rankings and become leaders in their field. They also needed a team to manage their pay per click (PPC) advertising with a strategy to help them reach a tailored audience interested in their products and services.

A new WordPress site with bespoke design, photography, and copywriting

The site’s design is fairly minimalist, with bold blocks of colour and large images. Our designer originally proposed a concept with an always-present sidebar menu, but the clients preferred the idea of a horizontal navigation at the top of the page. The menu is always present as you scroll, with a slight curve to the edge of the frame – unusual, but satisfying!

Elsewhere, we’ve used large CTA blocks, big, vibrant photos of the team in action, and simple tabbed views on individual product pages to present a large amount of information in an easily-digestible way. It’s very much a simple, yet effective design that captures NGF’s own no-nonsense approach.

We wrote new content for the site, expanding on the technical information from the old one to provide a more rounded view of the services NGF offer. When we met with Nigel at NGF, he was a font of interesting information and trivia about doors, so we came up with some odd “Did you know” facts at his request and snuck them into the site. Again, a bit unusual, but strangely satisfying!

The site was built in WordPress, so is very easy for the NGF team to update, using custom post templates to make adding new projects and products as simple as possible.

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Digital marketing strategy

Since 2017, we’ve continued to offer support to NGF with website maintenance and digital marketing campaigns – making use of their blog as an SEO and lead gen tool, running Google Ads and reporting on their performance. Our goal was to give them paid search campaigns that got more visitors to their site for the lowest paid search cost possible.

Between 2017-2020 we increased users by 250% – a fantastic result from our paid search marketing campaigns, new pages and blogs, and technical improvements to existing content. Within six months of our targeted SEO campaign, we increased their search impressions by 38%, their clicks by 57%, and their goal completions by 15% – an incredible result from organic improvements to their site.

With a few technical amendments to content we’d written over the years, we were able to reduce their paid search spending by 26% while still yielding improving results overall.

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