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A new WordPress website for John Horsfall brings the designer and manufacturer’s new branding to life online.
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About John Horsfall

John Horsfall are one of the world’s leading providers of in-flight solutions, creating textiles, soft furnishings and passenger comforts for airlines such as Qantas and Finnair. Based in West Yorkshire, they’ve been designing and manufacturing for over 150 years.

The brief

John Horsfall’s website hadn’t been keeping up with the company’s growth – or its ambitions for the future – for a few years.

An outdated design and a handful of pages that were difficult for the marketing team to update meant it was impossible to get a true sense of who John Horsfall were, the exceptional quality of their work, and the high calibre of their clients.

The new website was to be just one part of a wider rebrand project led by our fellow West Yorkshire creatives at 10 Associates. Splitpixel were brought on board to adapt the fantastic new brand guidelines into a website that truly captured everything that made John Horsfall who they were, improved opportunities to generate enquiries, and was backed up by a flexible content management system.

John Horsfall website
John Horsfall website on tablet and mobile
John Horsfall website on tablet

Ready for launch

“A journey for the senses” is one of the core messages of the new John Horsfall brand, and bringing such a tactile range of products to life online in a way that reflects their quality was key.

Aspirational, evocative imagery that captures the experience of flight introduces the new site, before giving way to high quality product photos, using a wide range of close-ups and flat lays to ensure that the site is a highly visual experience.

Subtle design features draw from aviation-inspired iconography to tie everything together, while asymmetric layouts call attention to the site’s photography. Interactive features, triggered animations and parallax-style scrolling mean the design feels professional, responsive and engaging, providing the tactile sense we wanted to create to mirror the product catalogue.

Technical foundations

The new digital space is powered by our bespoke WordPress pagebuilder, allowing the John Horsfall team to edit, adjust and expand every section of every page of their new site.

Completely modular in its design and execution, each page element can be tweaked to adjust colours, spacing and arrangement, and then combined in a limitless combination of page layouts that look perfect on both desktop and mobile. Pages can be built up, populated and published within minutes, with absolutely no need for any coding knowledge.

There are no default themes and no templates – everything has been built by our Senior Developer Ash to follow the brand guidelines, and the client’s requirements, to the letter.

An online experience

John Horsfall’s branding and service is focused heavily on providing an exceptional experience for their clients’ passengers, while their website is focused on providing an exceptional user experience both for site visitors and those managing it on a day-to-day basis.

And on the subject of experience, we’re happy to say that the entire project was an incredibly positive one, bringing together three highly creative West Yorkshire studios to deliver something we can all be proud of. Lovely stuff.

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