Photography & Video

Say farewell to stock photos with website photography and videography that capture your business, your brand, and your people.

Ever since web connections have been fast enough to load them, web design trends have drifted towards bigger, brighter images. Photos aren’t the finishing touch anymore – they’re a big part of any site.

While the words we write tell the details of your story, photos and videos paint the big, broad strokes. Rather than settling for stock images that you’ll find on hundreds of sites, or pixelated pictures that sell you short, we’ll make sure you look great.

Team photos

People like to know what other people look like – putting a face to a name helps to build trust, and show off the unique personality that makes your business what it is. We often find from heat mapping research that people are drawn to team pages on sites – your users want to get to know you!

We know not everyone’s comfortable in front of the camera (check out some of the awkward smiles from the team on our Instagram…) so we always try to create an atmosphere that’s relaxed and casual, with photos that look natural.

Video work

Video is one of the fastest-growing areas of content marketing, and it’s a very effective form for quickly communicating with your users. Introduction videos, product demos and testimonials can all have their place on an engaging website, and our video team will work with you to make them happen, whether you already have a storyboard in mind or would like us to come up with some concepts.

But the bits we film are only half the story – illustrations and animations can help a video hit home, making use of your company’s branding, product diagrams, instructions, and captions for accessibility.

Showcasing who you are

Promotional photography and videography are powerful tools. They make your website stand out, and they provide great resources for social media too – a place where this kind of content really shines.

High quality imagery really makes a difference. Stretched or pixelated pictures and nondescript smiling business people can really put people off – so make sure your website is showing off who you really are.

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Want to know a bit more about our photo and video work? Take a look below – we’ve pulled together a few different resources and case studies from our portfolio to give you a feel for what we do.


Magpies were looking for a full rebrand alongside their new website. From a fresh new logo to their high-quality photographs, we provided the content that took this amazing website to the next level. We also developed their website to AA accessibility standards, so users of all abilities would be able to enjoy it.

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We’ve been managing the digital marketing for this award-winning, family-run, Bradford-based Indian restaurant since 2019 and have helped them weather the storm of the pandemic which really hit the hospitality sector.

For Prashad we’ve produced video marketing as well as arranged photoshoots to showcase their wonderful staff and mouth-watering food. We also plan their social media content and pay-per-click search and social media advertising, harnessing our high-quality video and photo content.

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