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Social media management that gets you seen by the right people, boosting click-through rates without any clickbait.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles filled out with up-to-date information and regular updates are a simple but effective tool to build trust with your audience, and are a great way to be found, even for B2B companies.

But there’s nothing sorrier than a neglected Twitter account. Social media does take time to maintain healthily, and working with a social media agency can help you become part of a wider conversation.

Ash our Developer, on his mobile
Ash our Developer, on his mobile
Social Media for Dental Practice

Social media account management and scheduling

We manage social media accounts for a number of our clients, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, scheduling regular updates, retweeting industry news and finding the right people to follow.

You can be as involved in the process as you like – and we understand that you may want to be able to sign off every message that comes with your name on it. But let us handle the day-to-day bits – the uploading, scheduling and reporting – for you.

Creating engaging social content

Every social media network has its own rules and limits on what, and how, you can post. We specialise in creating cross-platform content, including photography, video and rich media content that will see people hitting that like button.

Paid social media advertising

Paid advertising on social media, including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, can provide excellent opportunities to target certain segments of your audience with tailored messaging.

We’ll identify what your potential customers are searching for on social, and where they’re hanging out – and we’ll craft targeted ads to match, including video ads for YouTube that keep people far away from the “skip ad” button. We’ve had fantastic results with paid social ads on LinkedIn in particular, making it a very powerful social media tool for B2B companies.

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If you want to know a bit more about social media, you can take a look at our own channels – and we’ve also pulled together a selection of case studies, blogs and resources on social for you to take a look at.


We’ve been managing the digital marketing for this award-winning, family-run, Bradford-based Indian restaurant since 2019 and have helped them weather the storm of the pandemic which really hit the hospitality sector.

For Prashad we’ve produced video marketing as well as arranged photoshoots to showcase their wonderful staff and mouth-watering food. We also plan their social media content and pay-per-click search and social media advertising, harnessing our high-quality video and photo content.

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