Website optimisation services that make sure you’re seen where you want to be seen.

We never want SEO to sound like a buzzword. Our goal is to make every aspect of search engine optimisation as accessible as possible to our clients, helping you to understand how it works, and how you can make the most of search marketing.

There’s more to SEO than just using the right keywords – and the best practices change all the time. We keep on top of changes to the way search works, and make sure you’re always receiving the best advice on how to make your brand visible.

Keyword research and SEO strategy

SEO is a constantly changing, ongoing process – but it always starts with getting to know your business, and understanding your audience. Beginning with an understanding of where you are now. Our first step is to audit your current search performance, identifying the keywords you rank for, and working out where your opportunities lie.

We always want this to be a collaborative process as much as possible – you know where you want to be seen, and how you want to be perceived by your customers, after all. You’ll be able to have as much – or as little – input into how we develop your SEO strategy as you need.

Technical SEO foundations

Any website needs to make sure that it has the right technical boxes ticked for it to be seen by search engines. We take care of the stuff that happens behind the scenes – the metadata and the site infrastructure that makes it easy for search engines to find and read what’s on your site.

We can also help you to stay on top of the technical standards search engines demand of websites, including responsive design that ensures a great experience on mobile, and identifying opportunities for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) that can improve your visibility even more.

Content-driven SEO

It’s a cliché, but content really is king. For a website to perform well, it needs consistent, high quality content that is written with SEO best practice in mind.

We can undertake a full audit of your site to identify areas where keyword visibility and content structure can be improved, and develop a content plan that will help you to maintain an active blogging presence, increasing the reach of your SEO strategy. And when it comes to writing your content, our copywriting team specialise in balancing the voice of your brand with the needs of your customers and the demands of search engines.

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Want to know a bit more about SEO? Take a look below – we’ve pulled together a few different case studies and resources on search engine optimisation in all of its forms for you to take a look at.

Canal Engineering

A long-term partnership focusing on web design, development, and digital marketing has seen Canal Engineering’s conversion rate increase by 2077%, resulting in a 6406% increase in actual conversions in just one year – without an increase in spend.

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Canal Engineering
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Case Study - WYGS

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New domains vs. subdomains

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