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As a certified Google Ads partner, we deliver paid advertising campaigns that boost your search visibility and generate leads.

Google Ads – the sponsored ads you see at the top of search results – is one of the most highly targeted and fastest-growing methods of search marketing available. It can make a huge difference to the lead generation prospects for businesses of all sizes.

As Google Ads specialists, we can plan, set up, monitor and manage your campaign from end-to-end. We don’t just set it up and walk away, either – we’ll constantly be looking for ways to refine and improve your paid advertising campaigns.

Understanding pay-per-click advertising

Google Ads are a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You write a short ad (about 140 characters, sort of like Twitter, but divided into a headline and a description) that appear at the top of Google search results pages.

However, there’s a price to pay for this level of visibility – unlike a regular Google search result, it costs money every time someone clicks on your link. That cost-per-click will vary depending on the popularity of the keywords and search terms you’re appearing for, but by effective targeting of your ads, the return on investment for the leads generated can be huge.

Generating leads

Making the most of Google Ads essentially comes down to conversion rate optimisation – refining the approach to make sure you’re getting the highest-possible click-through rates (the number of people clicking your link as a percentage of the number of people seeing it) from the right people, and that people are doing what you want them to do once they’ve clicked on your ad.

We make this happen by targeting ads based on different user personas, tailored to solutions to certain problems, and driving people towards pages on your site that will best help them achieve their goals. We make sure that when they click, they find what they want.

Complete PPC campaign management

To make the most of Google Ads, you need to stay on top of it – and that’s what we do. We’ll be your dedicated PPC team, managing your paid ads budget and allocating it to where it will be most effective, researching the most viable keywords, writing your ad copy, setting up and monitoring your campaigns, supporting your campaign with display ads, tweaking ads and landing pages to better convert users, and providing you with regular reports of your PPC activity.

Find out more

Want to know a bit more about PPC and Google Ads? Take a look below – we’ve pulled together a few different case studies and resources on pay-per-click if you’re interested in reading up.

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A long-term partnership focusing on web design, development, and digital marketing has seen Canal Engineering’s conversion rate increase by 2077%, resulting in a 6406% increase in actual conversions in just one year – without an increase in spend.

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