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Do more with Google Ads. Display advertising on third party sites reaches and engages with a huge audience.

You’ve seen them everywhere. Website banner ads showing you something you were just thinking about. But it’s not advertising that gets in your head – it’s advertising that understands who you are and where you’ve been.

Display Network ads, powered by Google Ads, provides a huge opportunity to get your name, your brand, and your message in front of the right people at the right time. We incorporate display into a wider paid advertising strategy that’s been shown to be effective at generating quality leads.

Charlie - Project Director
Charlie - Project Director

How display works

The Google Display Network as a form of paid advertising promises the opportunity to appear on over two million websites, and in over 650,000 ads. Text and image ads can be designed in a variety of different formats, and we can target where they appear.

We get to know your audience – their interests, demographics and concerns – and we run ads in places where people that are the perfect fit for your business are going to be browsing.

The power of remarketing

Display advertising gives you the perfect opportunity for remarketing – re-engaging with people who have seen you before.

It’s easy to target ads at people who have already visited your website, but perhaps didn’t make a purchase or enquiry, giving them a reminder of what you’re about and encouraging them to come back and take another look.

Supported by Google Ads

The Display Network is part of Google Ads, which gives you the ability to target ads at search engine and social media users as well as appearing on a huge range of websites and apps. We’re a Google Partner, and can help you make the most of all aspects of PPC.

We help you find the right balance of Google Ads activity, developing a paid advertising strategy that gives you the biggest return on investment by generating leads as effectively as possible.

Find out more

Want to know more about how paid advertising works across the Display Network, Ads and social media? We’ve put a few case studies and resources together for you to take a look at.

Canal Engineering

A long-term partnership focusing on web design, development, and digital marketing has seen Canal Engineering’s conversion rate increase by 2077%, resulting in a 6406% increase in actual conversions in just one year – without an increase in spend.

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Canal Engineering
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