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The realm of professional services covers a huge variety of different industries and companies, with a diverse set of needs and challenges between them. However, they’re
all united by the fact that B2B sales and service provision need a completely different approach to the established digital tactics of B2C companies.

Efforts need to be more focused, rather than competing for space in the broader consumer focused digital landscape. The online priority for professional service providers should be building trust with potential clients through displaying expertise, solving problems, and making it clear that they are the right choice to enter a relationship with.


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Digital needs in professional services

A user should be able to find what they need easily, and come away feeling informed – ready to get in touch for a quote or to set up a meeting. There are a number of tools that can be used to achieve this, including:

Web design
  • In-depth service information
  • FAQs, case studies and advice content
  • Clear and logical user journey
  • Strong lead generation focus
Digital marketing activity
  • Industry-focused thought leadership blog articles
  • Developing buyer personas
  • Targeted Google ads and SEO
  • B2B-focused social media marketing

Our work in the professional services sector

We’ve done a lot of work for clients in the professional services sector over the years, both in web design and digital marketing.

Sodexo Engage

Sodexo Engage is the UK employee services division of Sodexo, one of the world’s largest employers. The company in its current form is the result of merging a number of different companies, divisions and brands into one industry-leading voice, which needed one central website that would provide information on the dozens of employee benefit and reward services they offer.

We delivered a new website that pulled together a full portfolio of services from 15 existing sites, writing new content in a new brand tone of voice, integrating marketing automation software, and carefully planning a user journey that would maximise lead generation and cross-selling potential. Our approach to SEO strategy has also seen a 638% increase in search visibility for the new website.

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HME Training

HME Training provide a range of manual handling and health and safety services, primarily tailored towards people working in the care sector. Their website was a bit outdated, and didn’t provide enough information on the unique service they provided.

We designed a new website that put course information at the centre of the user journey, with full listings and course breakdowns. Each course page has a specific content form allowing users to enquire about the course. FAQs were written to answer visitors’ questions, and course participant testimonials were included to build trust.

HME Training
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