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Creating a streamlined job search and application experience for the thousands of people using PMP Recruitment every year led to a more usable site for users, employers and recruiters alike, with a stronger focus on tracking conversions.
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About PMP Recruitment

PMP is a trading division of Cordant Recruitment Limited, providing high volume recruitment support to complement the group’s far-ranging recruitment, healthcare, security, cleaning, and technical services. PMP works closely with major employers such as Nestle, Amazon and XPO Logistics. They process hundreds of thousands of applications every year, filling thousands of roles. With a main office in Manchester, they’re also just down the road from us!

The brief

The old PMP Recruitment website was a bit of a mess – hard to navigate, hard to update, and harder than it needed to be to apply for jobs.

The PMP team needed a new, modern design that was fully responsive on mobile and made it easier for candidates to search for jobs, in addition to an integration with Broadbean. They also needed a way of dividing the user journey clearly in two to give a tailored user experience to both employers and applicants.

Designing a new recruitment experience

We’re no strangers to integrations of all shapes and sizes – everything from social media feeds to booking databases. This certainly wasn’t our first time integrating a recruitment platform into WordPress, but it was certainly the biggest and most complex we’ve faced. It required careful collaboration with both PMP and Broadbean to match up fields in their databases with our job listings.

There was a strong focus on providing not just a search, but a way to navigate more organically to desired jobs – something absent on the old PMP site, where it was not possible to view a full job listing. We built a comprehensive listing, complete with a variety of features for narrowing down results – as well as a separate one with a different interface for Amazon jobs.

With a clean, clear and minimalist design brought to life with bold red highlights, and a huge range of resources for candidates, it’s a much more welcoming platform – in more ways than one.

Developing two distinct user journeys

A common issue on a number of recruitment sites is finding the balance between attracting potential applicants and pitching to businesses looking for a recruitment partner. PMP was keen for the new site to support both equally, with a branching user journey tailored to each.

We essentially designed two sites in one, with various crossovers. Both the candidates and employers sections had their own unique “homepage”, with separate colour-coded navigation menus – red for employers and white for candidates – and a tabbed view at the top to switch between.

The majority of visitors to the site are candidates, so it was an obvious choice that the candidate side would sit on the main homepage – but it is very simple for users to self-identify and work out where to go straight away.

In the future

We’ve continued to work closely with the PMP team after launch, offering technical support and assisting with ongoing changes and improvements to the user interface. Updating content across the site is really easy, and we’re always on hand to help out with anything more in-depth.

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