Launching a new consumer brand looking to position itself as a market leader in rental appliances with a powerful WordPress ecommerce solution. In the nine months after launch, Hiya! saw 21.4% more visitors, bounce rate had improved by 31.3%, and goal completions were up 266.6%.
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About Hiya!

Based in Manchester, Hiya! offers its customers the latest smart TVs on a rental basis. It’s not hire purchase or rent-to-own – it’s a pure rental, which keeps weekly fees low and makes upgrading easy and affordable. The goal is to increase accessibility to tech for all, without driving people into debt.

The brief

Hiya! is a relatively new trading name for Lifestyle Rentals Ltd, a company that had been offering TVs on a rental basis for a few years. The slightly stuffy old name, which was shared with a few other businesses of varying reputation, wasn’t resonating with the target market. It was time for something new.

Developing a new B2C brand

Sometimes a new brand goes through different iterations, inching towards the perfect fit. Other times, it’s instant – an idea coming through already fully formed that just seems too good to pass up. Our senior designer’s background in branding and design gives us many years of experience in this area and when inspiration hits, we’ve learned to trust his instincts.

We wanted something friendly and approachable, the kind of brand people would be happy to welcome into their home. And we wanted something that helped immediately link the brand to what the company formerly known as Lifestyle Rentals did, but without being so specific that it limited their future growth.

When you want to hire – just say hiya! It just instantly felt good – and the brand messaging almost wrote itself. Fortunately, the Lifestyle team agreed, giving us the quickest branding sign-off process that we’ve ever had.

Building a digital home

The Hiya! site was a joy to design, all chunky fonts, playful graphics and iconography, and bright colours. UX was a key focus, helping customers make their decision as easily as possible with clear and simple product filtering directly from the homepage.

The written copy, supplied by the client, was kept nice and simple, supported by helpful icons, to be easy to read – and to be easy to translate into different languages to reflect the diverse existing customer base of Lifestyle Rentals.

The site itself is built in WooCommerce for WordPress, but passes users seamlessly through to the Hiya!-developed and maintained application and customer database at the checkout stage.

In the future

We’ve continued to support Hiya! in managing the website and maintaining the link between the site and the database. Updating content across the site is simple, but we’re always on call for any more in-depth changes or fixes the team need.

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