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Filmology Vouchers

Our work developing an ecommerce network with Filmology over the past four years has seen a 500% increase in turnover for the company.
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About Filmology

Filmology are the largest providers of B2B cinema tickets in the UK, selling bulk discounted tickets for use in incentive initiatives, employee benefit programmes, or promotions. They’re part of Sodexo, supporting a wide range of their services.

Homepage of Filmology website
Website design for Sodexo company
B2B2C website for Cinema Vouchers

The Brief

A new website was needed to improve engagement and market their vouchers more effectively. As well as increasing sales and customers, they wanted to improve the service offered through the site, adding functionality for a better customer experience.

Up-to-date order information needed to be provided to customers in real time, the account application process had to be streamlined, and added value features were needed, such as film information, cinema locations, etc. They already had the ability to sell paper tickets on their existing site, and they wanted the additional function to sell electronic tickets.

In addition to the improvements on the front end, Filmology wanted to automate processes for their team and provide them with a dashboard giving access to relevant information. Oh, and it all had to look a lot nicer than it did already!

What We Did

Branding and design

Filmology already existed as a brand, but was ready for a change. We were given a great deal of freedom with the rebrand to come up with logos, assets and colour schemes, and some really interesting topics – cinema and film are great subjects to work with! We created the filmstrip-style logo and developed the brand’s look and feel into something more complete and versatile.

Development and ecommerce

The site was built in Magento, a powerful, secure and future-proof ecommerce platform that could deliver the full range of features that the Filmology team needed.

All cinema ticket types had to be available for purchase through the site, including traditional paper-based tickets, e-codes, gift vouchers, food and drink vouchers and unlimited cards for a variety of cinema chains.

Different customer groups see different pricing, currency and cinema chains, depending on factors like geography and quantity of tickets purchased. Delivery pricing works on a scalable matrix. To register, the site validates a user’s information.

The site manages the whole process for the Filmology team to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency.  This can be exported by the accounts team, and the exported data is set up to allow easy integration into their bespoke accounting system. The operations department can amend pricing and create orders, and the warehouse can see orders when they get to a certain point in the process. They can add a tracking code that only the accounts department and the customer can then see.

Visitors can see related products, recently viewed items and can save a wish list. There is a persistent shopping cart feature, so that a customer can add items to their shopping cart on a mobile, make changes on a PC and complete the transaction on a laptop if they wish.

The What’s On page pulls in a dynamic feed of film listings, while the Find my Nearest Cinema feature is a Google Maps API, integrated with another external database of cinema chains and addresses (both of which we also built for them).

Before launch, we imported Filmology’s active customer list into the database along with their assigned customer group and notes, as well as the product data needed to populate the ecommerce.

The site has a full CMS – all pages are updateable, and we’ve integrated a payment gateway.


All of this is just one side of what Filmology do. As employee benefit providers, Filmology provide their clients – large, multinational business themselves – with bespoke stores for their employees to use, with unique deals, and all styled up in the clients’ branding.

These stores are based on the existing Filmology template, and we support the team by creating and managing them on an ongoing basis, allocating tickets, and monitoring the entire network to keep downtime to a minimum.

Along the way, we also design and produce email updates, creative content, on-site copy and more – anything the Filmology team needs to keep going about their business.

The Future

Over the years, we’ve built up an amazing relationship with the Filmology team. They’re one of our longest-standing clients, and we’re very proud of the trust they put in us. We essentially act as one arm of the Filmology team ourselves, able to work independently to keep them in top working order – we hope it continues for many more years!

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