Website Planning

Looking at the bigger picture.

Once we understand your business, your brand and your goals, we can start planning your website. We spend the time to scope it properly before we let our techs write a single line of code.

The bit before the website

We take a closer look at your current site architecture, with a focus on your users and their requirements, based on both the research we've already carried out and information from you. We examine your sitemap and work out the best way to structure it, taking into account the data from the user journey and any research around that.

We'll also give you advice on the UI (or user interface – what people see on your site) that best suits your needs, and have an in-depth look at the UX (user experience – how your site works for them, and how they move around it), before we establish your website requirements and wireframe the whole thing. Phew!

We know what we're doing

We've got plenty of experience working with both large and small companies that want anything from a straightforward site refresh to merging dozens of websites into one huge portal, integrating various platforms like HubSpot, WordPress and Magento seamlessly. The planning process starts the same way regardless, and we work closely with you to make sure your new site is the absolute best it can be.

We're confident in our planning process – because it works.