Web Development

The world of web design moves at a phenomenal rate.

We have a real talent for making websites work. Writing our own bespoke code, we have spent years perfecting integrations with different platforms that deliver the functionality promised by our design.

Our technical capabilities have always been at the forefront of what we do, and we're trusted to build integrations with various platforms, from WordPress and HubSpot to ecommerce software, Magento.

What they see

On the front-end, our team build in WordPress, HubSpot, or create bespoke CSS or HTML code (or a combination of them) to get the design you've signed off working. Your business goals will determine whether we use existing frameworks or write custom code, but we'll determine that before we begin. There are no limits here – because our developers write their own code, we're not constrained by what these platforms can do.

Don't forget those finishing touches that make your site stand apart from the competition, like triggered roll-overs and animations.

Behind the scenes

The developer that works on the back-end of your website controls all the behind-the-scenes stuff, communicating any database information to the browser using PHP, or developing the content management system (CMS) to meet your requirements. It's often taken for granted that websites "just work", but our developers have spent years perfecting just how to make them function seamlessly.

We build websites from the ground up to be search engine-friendly, ensuring that the technical side works with your copy to be fully optimised.

The checks

We continuously go back to your website requirements, to ensure that we're delivering on every front.

We develop, and then test, compatibility with all current devices, operating systems and browsers, to ensure that your users have the experience you can expect, however they're accessing your website.