Inbound Marketing

Attracting people to your brand.

Inbound marketing is about attracting people to your brand, rather than pushing your products and services at them. It's all about creating the content that draws people in.

By sharing knowledge that is relevant, accessible and compelling, you show your potential customers that you know your stuff. You're giving advice, while demonstrating your expertise, style and knowledge. And people like that.

We love a good call to action

Armed with our research, we set up and maximise campaigns that helps you guide your clients through every stage of the buyer's journey, taking them from strangers, to leads, to customers. We're a HubSpot partner agency, and are well-versed in their lead-nurturing processes, setting up workflows, and building forms and landing pages to achieve those conversions.

We offer an all-important copywriting service to support your inbound marketing plans. As well as writing content for your main pages, we write blog articles, research and create white papers, and check your existing copy to ensure it's up to scratch. We understand search engine optimisation (SEO) and always bear it in mind whenever we create any content for you.

Keeping a handle on how it's all going is essential, and our reporting not only lets you know how your marketing is performing, but lets you know any opportunities we see for your business too.

Yes, this does take time to build, and yes, your news, blogs or videos need to be updated regularly, but it works: inbound marketing creates 54% more leads compared to outbound. Oh, and that content you're writing is also what the SEO-bots are looking for. Win-win!