West Yorkshire Playhouse

Bespoke website development with integrated booking system

The Brief

West Yorkshire Playhouse is one of the busiest theatres outside of London. After their brand was refreshed, they felt that their website needed to reflect this updated image and incorporate a new booking system at the same time.

A non-standard user journey was put forward by the client - very much about diverting traffic to different sections of the site.

What We Did

As well as looking at what was working well on the existing site, we researched other sites with similar target audiences for ways that we could improve the customer journey.

Our aim was to ensure the site was accessible for all users, and made it easy to book tickets throughout. As there were already a couple of hundred pages packed with content, we were keen to highlight the important information and strip out any unnecessary copy.

This was the biggest challenge we've had for the user journey. The site's new homepage gives users two options: to buy tickets, or browse everything else, and we now have different menus on different pages. The design also needed to incorporate the updated branding and bring to the forefront the theatre's dramatic imagery. Clever expanding boxes were used to house wordy copy and clear calls to action to buy tickets were placed throughout. The rebranding was signed off right before launch, but thanks to the agility of our design, we managed to change it seamlessly.

Along with building the new look site, our Developers worked hard to ensure that the switchover to the new booking system was seamless. The home of Vital Theatre has never looked so good!

The Future

The theatre has seen a significant improvement in both site traffic and bounce rate in the first four weeks since the site was launched. We're planning to add a video player to the slider, and the full CMS means that the client can continue to update their own site content.

Client Feedback

Splitpixel delivered on time and on budget; the most straightforward project with which I have been involved in over 20 years of working in theatre.

We are very pleased with our relationship with Splitpixel. They remained generous and supportive in the time and energy they dedicated to the development process.

Nick Hallam, Marketing Director