Unique Ways

Complete rebrand, with a new name and website

About Unique Ways

Unique Ways, formerly known as Calderdale Parents and Carers (CPC), is a charity based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, providing support and services to parents and families of disabled children and young people. The charity's goal is to make sure that the voices of parent carers are heard and can shape the services they use. Many of the staff are carers themselves.

The Brief

Calderdale Parents and Carers wanted a complete rebrand, with a new name and website. They wanted a brand and image that was positive, yet didn't shy away from the challenges faced by parent carers and disabled children. The new website also needed to provide much more information about the charity's services, enable new members to sign up online, and be compliant to AAA accessibility standards.

What we did

The first stage of the project was the charity's new name and branding. The idea was to represent the journey through life that each parent carer takes with their child, with original suggestions including Along the Way, Around and About, and Scenic Routes.

One of the initial challenges of the project was that the name would obviously need approval from several different groups – the charity leaders, parent groups, and partners. With none of the original suggestions quite hitting the mark for everyone, we came up with Unique Ways, which we felt perfectly represented the many different experiences people using the charity's services would have. This proved to be the winning option.

As a charity with a family focus, the branding needed to be colourful – CPC also wished to merchandise the brand at a later date, so our design team created a number of characters to populate the site and serve as logos. New brochures and banner designs for events were also required with the new branding.

We created a new site map to make the user journey through the site as straightforward as possible, working closely with the carers and service providers working for the charity to create descriptive content and on-site resources. The site was built in Wordpress with a full CMS to allow the CPC team – now Unique Ways – to update news, events, and page copy as their services change.

The site also needed new photography, including a team photoshoot at their offices, and a day out to Eureka! in Halifax to capture some colourful shots of parents and their kids to populate the site.

The fully responsive site is clear, colourful and easy to navigate, with a range of colour schemes that can be cycled through simply, and an easily adjustable text size to aid accessibility. Unique Ways now has a site that gives a complete overview of their services, and is aligned with their friendly, supportive and caring approach.