WooCommerce E-Commerce Website Design & Build

The Brief

Rizistal is a UK manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade repair paint and protective products. They sell direct to a B2C market, namely professional tradesmen, contractors and DIY enthusiasts. A typical product, for example, would be a coloured gloss epoxy paint suitable for concrete floors.

Rizistal approached Splitpixel, as they wanted to explore further opportunities to sell online. By enabling the end user to buy the product via ecommerce, the company would be able to expand their customer base throughout the UK.

What We Did

Splitpixel built a fully bespoke, responsive web design with integrated ecommerce to provide the online selling capacity.

After considering all options, it was felt that WooCommerce was the most suitable eCommerce platform available. Rizistal had been trading for some time and the new website was a means of branching out from their current business model. The WooCommerce platform offered a seamless transition from their existing merchant processes to selling online. It was also incredibly customisable, which meant it could support the diverse range of products on offer.

We used front-end framework, Zurb Foundation to assist in the creation of the bespoke design and build. By using WordPress, we could also make the content fully manageable. This worked well for all those who collaborated on the project, especially Matthew, Marketing Manager for Rizistal, who was keen to populate the site and product pages. He had a greater understanding of each of the products and a vision of how they should be displayed on the website, so it was important that the CMS could accommodate his requirements.

A great USP of the site, was the introduction of the ‘How To’ videos, that offered step-by-step instructions on the product application. This helped to make the products more accessible to the end user and emphasize how they do not need to be used by an authorised contractor.

The real challenge of the project was facilitating the shipping and distribution. With numerous weights and delivery variables, it required some intricate development to ensure the correct shipment costs and couriers were assigned.

Since the launch of the website, Rizistal have seen a steady number of enquiries and online purchases. The volume is increasing month on month.

The Future

Rizistal are part of the John Lord Group, and we are currently developing a multi brand website for Canal Engineering, another company within the group.

Client Feedback

Splitpixel offer a great bespoke website service, and have very friendly staff that listen to your ideas and concepts. We were kept in the loop every step of the way and they are very supportive post launch. The company is very happy with the result and orders are already coming in! Would recommend to any company looking for a great website.

Matthew Dorey, Marketing Manager