Website Design & Build

The Brief

We were asked to create a new website for Protravel, along with two of its sister brands, Filmology and Fotorama. At the same time, we developed a resource platform (see our fabulous Promorati case study) to best serve their shared customer base.

Inbound marketing software, Hubspot, was selected to observe how users viewed content on the site and which calls-to-action were the most effective.

What We Did

We were already writing blogs, sending eshots and running social media for the brand, as well as work for other P&MM sub brands, so we knew a lot about the company and its aspirations before we started.

We wireframed common pages for the three sites, and then our Designer, Rob, worked his socks off to achieve individuality for each of the three. The corporate typeface – Helvetica – was a challenge, as it's the most commonly used in the world, but he added a few subtle flourishes to add interest. He also incorporated brand identifiers, such as Protravel's “P” throughout the site.

He specifically wanted the site to be full-width to make full use of every screen size. As Protravel has aspirational imagery, it made sense to make the best of it!

We worked in collaboration with another agency to bring in the inbound marketing software, Hubspot. We decided that WordPress would be the best platform to use for the build and so we integrated Hubspot into the site by embedding buttons and forms.

Our Developer, Jason, built what was essentially a template for each of the three brand sites. This was to ensure that visitors navigating between any of these sites can expect a fluid user experience and the layout will seem natural and intuitive.

Hubspot is dependent on regular content, so the blogs for each were paramount. One blog post on one of the sites can be pushed out to the others, and we added an SEO plug-in to ensure that each post is fully optimised for search engines.

The Future

As users revisit the site, Hubspot gives Protravel the ability to show different content based on their previous actions and to ask them for different information each time they visit. Protravel's client database and its opportunity for relevancy will both improve dramatically.