Multi-site blog website development

The Brief

Following work for three sales promotions sub-brands of P&MM (Filmology, Fotorama and Protravel), we were initially asked to create new websites for each. This quickly developed into helping them integrate the three brands into one new website with the added benefit of software to facilitate segmentation and targeting of their shared customer base.

Promorati is a brand new concept, derived from the three sub-brands. The concept was to develop a resource publishing platform to serve this shared client base, and bring all three brands into one website shared with this content hub.

We worked in collaboration with another agency to bring in inbound marketing software, Hubspot, which was chosen to monitor how users consumed content on the site and respond to calls-to-action. The software tailors what users see on your site landing pages and email communications depending on previous actions, and gives you analytics data around all of this too.

What We Did

Despite the three original sites coming into one, they still needed to retain their own brand identities, so as well as developing branding for Promorati, we refreshed the branding for the other three as well.

We spent some time brainstorming ideas for a name to convey that the platform was exclusive and prestigious, but also fun. Promorati’s branding had to fit with the branding of the parent company, P&MM, so our Designer, Rob, kept the rounded typeface and blue and orange colour scheme. The star was a nice tie-in with sub-brand Filmology and at the same time gave a “VIP” feel to the brand.

After auditing the existing sites and determining what was being kept (in some form) and what we could cut, we put together wireframes for all of the main pages. Rob then designed them with calls-to-action and forms being highly visible with both the user and what was being done with Hubspot in mind.

Our Developer, Jason, spent a lot of time building this one! He built what was essentially a template for the three brand sites, plus another for Promorati. The idea is that users navigating between any of the brand sites can expect a fluid user experience and, although they look very different, the layout will seem straightforward and intuitive as they will have seen it before.

As Hubspot is dependent on content being regularly updated, the blogs for each were really important. One post on one of the sites can be pushed out to the others with a click of a button, and there’s an SEO plug-in to ensure that each post is fully optimised. A lot of consideration was given to layout, social media sharing and how to encourage click-throughs, as well as categorisation. We also helped out with some of the copywriting for the site.

As we worked on this project, we continued with interim social media and blog management for all three brands, and carried on with our usual email campaigns.

The Future

The strength in this site lies in the implementation of Hubspot. As site visitors come back time and time again, the ability to show the clients different content based on previous actions and to ask users for different information each time means that the quality of the customer database and the increased opportunity for relevancy grows infinitely!