The Piazza Centre

Dynamic Directory Website

About The Piazza Centre

The Piazza Centre is a shopping centre in the middle of Huddersfield, home to a number of both national chains, such as WH Smith and Thorntons, and smaller local businesses. With a great deal of competition from other centres across the town, the Piazza has to work hard to stand out and attract customers, but also has the benefit of a large outdoor area that allows for open air events.

The Brief

The Piazza Centre needed a new directory website for the centre and its shops, one which would give them the flexibility of updating content to promote special offers and events. Content being easily shareable on social media was a key aspect of the brief, allowing the centre to engage more directly with customers in Huddersfield. Usability was also important, with a need to simplify the user's journey through the site.

What we did

We undertook a complete redesign of the Piazza Centre website, building the new design around a directory and interactive map that could be filtered by sector – fashion, health and beauty, food and treats, and general. The design is bold and clear, allowing users to navigate the site with ease.

We took new photographs of the centre (fortunately on a rare sunny day in Huddersfield!) and designed new animated SVG assets to add some eye-catching, colourful features to the design.

A side-wide search was added to improve usability. A social media feed was incorporated into the design, with events and news pages including social sharing buttons to encourage user engagement with the site. We also updated the website's content using SEO best practices.

The site was built in Wordpress, incorporating a CMS so the client could continue to update the site as shop tenants changed, and would also be able to add events, news and special offers to their own individual sections. The site is also fully responsive, working on browser sizes and mobile devices without losing functionality. As the centre's physical location is spread over a large area, we also integrated Google Maps for each individual store's page specifically for the benefit of mobile users – so they could easily find each shop while on the move.

The finished result is a full-service site for both customers and the client, providing the Piazza Centre with flexibility, the ability to compete with other centres in Huddersfield through their improved web presence, and better methods for engaging with their customers.

The Future

We built up a good working relationship with the Piazza Centre, and will continue to support them in the future!