Pennine Playgrounds

Improved online positioning; updateable WordPress site

The Brief

Pennine Playgrounds design and fit bespoke playgrounds - they source from a variety of manufacturers, so they're always bespoke to the client’s needs. Their initial aim was to improve the look of the site – to convey their professionalism and credibility. As their last website was seven years old, they were ready to better position themselves for their ongoing marketing activity.

They wanted the site to convey a calming feel to users when landing on the page, and while products were to be highly visible, they were keen to highlight their service, rather than just the products.

What we did

Rob started the design for this project by plumping up the colour palette from the very earthy site they had previously. While the obvious association with children’s playgrounds is bright colours and imagery, we struck a balance between the nature of the product aimed at children and meeting the clients and target users expectations. This has the added benefit of making them stand out from their competitors!

We were keen to convey the company’s personality and the flexible and bespoke nature of the business to Pennine’s target audience, which ranges from schools to contractors who are building for schools/play areas, local authorities and parish councils.

Appropriate calls-to-action feature on each page – from the top of the funnel, like directing users to a brochure or case studies, to bottom of the funnel, such as the enquiry form.

We decided to build this site in WordPress to allow for the products, success stories and blog to be fully updateable by the client, giving them full control over these areas.

Keyword research was provided to guide the copywriting. This site provides much more information than the previous one, especially on products and case studies, and is also much more intuitive to use (and is, of course, responsive as standard).

The Future

This site has already achieved one of the project’s major aims – to be a centre for Pennine Playgrounds’ marketing activities. Beyond the main build, we’re developing landing pages for AdWords, and have helped with some social media set-up to support the activity on the site.

Client Feedback

We are thrilled with our new website. Splitpixel listened to our needs and vision and the end result speaks for itself. The team were great, friendly and very responsive.

Sharron, Sales & Marketing Manager