Infinity Dental Clinic

Brand Development & Website Design

The Brief

Infinity Dental Clinic are not like every other dental practice. They want to be seen as a ‘cut above the rest’, with qualified, specialist dentists who provide high quality, state of the art dentistry.

Mohsin Patel, Proprietor of Infinity Dental Clinic, had a very clear vision for the future branding of this Leeds based dental practice. He approached Splitpixel, confident that we could offer a full suite of marketing services to help realise the brand. As a result, we created a high end logo design, business stationery and leaflets for the clinic, and developed a modern responsive website.

Brand Development and Logo Design

With a name like Infinity Dental Clinic, there was an obvious direction for the logo. The imagery used would, without a doubt, be based on the lemniscate - the symbol for infinity.

The challenge, however, was to take a simple iconic symbol and create a stunning brand that represented the professional nature of the clinic, and reflected the vibrancy and refreshing approach taken to patient care.

Rob Marshall, who headed up the brand development, introduced three distinguishable features into the logo design. By adding shading onto the crossover of the symbol, using a strong colour scheme (with the primary colour aptly described as ‘Dental Teal’), and positioning it alongside the company name, Rob was able to take it beyond an infinity symbol into something immediately identifiable with the company.

Brand Guidelines

Once Mohsin was happy with the logo, we went about developing a set of brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are essential to ensure that branding elements are used consistently throughout the business, within all communications. By establishing a good strong brand, the company will inevitably become more recognisable to new and existing customers.

The set of rules outlined the correct use of the logo and accompanying straplines, the use of typefaces and the colour palette, which included an extended range of shades to compliment the ‘Dental Teal’. It also discussed the use of imagery, which is important for an aspirational brand that prides itself on improving people's appearances.

Once the guidelines were finalised, we then created a series of leaflets for the clinic.

In addition to the Dental Clinic, a set of guidelines were also produced for the Skin Clinic, the facial aesthetics side of the business. The branding followed the same rules as the dental clinic, but instead of ‘Dental Teal’, the Skin Clinic incorporated the use of ‘Infinity Plum’, a distinct colour with feminine connotations, which is immediately associated with skin and beauty. The strapline for Infinity Skin Clinic was ‘creating a beautiful you’, a complimentary brand to Infinity Dental Clinic.


The website was designed with the brand guidelines in mind. It was important however, for users to be able to navigate through to either the Skin Clinic or Dental Clinic. So the homepage balances both brands, offering the two very distinct options in the form of banners. The homepage includes news from the blog to keep the content fresh and SEO friendly.

The content on this brochure website has been crafted to give readers a good level of understanding about the services offered by Infinity Dental Clinic. Their open and honest approach appeals to users who are at the first stage of their buyer's journey and have questions about some of the procedures, that they need answering before making contact the clinic.

Downloadable factsheets and brochures are gated content, which means the users need to enter contact details to access. This is a great way of Infinity Dental growing their prospect databases to further promote to them via email.

This is a WordPress website, with a powerful CMS that allows Mohsin and his team to update the content on a regular bases. Since launching the site, there has been a flurry of articles and blogs added by the Clinic, which have already sparked the interest of future customers.

The Future

We have built a good relationship with Mohsin and the team at Infinity Dental Clinic, and will continue to work with the client as brand gatekeepers, as the company grows into one of Leed’s most commendable Dental Practices.

Client Feedback

We embarked on a journey starting from a few ideas. I am delighted with the way you have transformed my ideas into reality. Your professionalism has been awesome.

Thank you to all at the Splitpixel team, I look forward to recommending you and to use your services again.

Mohsin Patel, Infinity Dental Clinic