five Bar

Website Design & Build

The Brief

Five Bar & Kitchen is a unique venue that offers a relaxed environment with a Canadian-influenced menu during the day, and an atmospheric vibe featuring live DJs and acts at night. It’s a good place to be and is popular with the staff here at Splitpixel!

The management were looking for something that reflected the various facets of the bar, resonated with their relatively young target audience, and looked beautiful on every device. They wanted somewhere to send people to book their VIP booths and drinks packages and to help raise awareness of the bar and brand throughout Huddersfield and West Yorkshire.

It was important to provide Five with the function to log the various nights and events with links to social media, photo diaries and Soundcloud recordings. Giving the staff control over their upcoming events page means that updating information and online promotion is at their fingertips.

What we did

We have worked with Charlie (Marketing Manager at Five Bar) previously and he was very keen for us to have relatively free-reign on the design within certain brand parameters. Five Bar has simple but solid brand values so it is important that the website is image-led and aspirational and their savvy audience meant we had the freedom to be a little experimental with the User Interface.

Having dined and experienced a couple of nights out at Five, we were already quite familiar with the bar and were confident going into this project that we’d get some excellent photography to support the content. The design-process of the site coincided with Five commissioning a promotional video which now takes centre-stage on the homepage.

Charlie at Five Bar understands that experiences make memories and this was something that he wanted to bring into the website; all the great nights they have aren’t just washed out and forgotten about but are there for people to see and hear again. The fragmented elements found on their various social media sources are now pulled together in the website.

The easy-to-use Splitpixel admin area enables staff at Five Bar to keep content fresh and relevant and update their visitors regarding events and drinks offers.

The Future

The website was launched as a short and slick brochure site but is built with expansion in mind. The management at Five Bar are forward-thinking and full of ideas to take their venue forward and thanks to the versatility of their custom-built website, we’ll be ready to grow it with them.

Sometimes it’s the plucky little fast-paced projects that get the best out of our designers and we’re keen to place this site alongside the major e-commerce and content-management projects we usually work on.

Client Feedback

You guys have not only given us a new platform to help increase sales and the popularity of the bar but the opportunity to build on what we’ve got in the future which is ideal. Cheers and thanks from all our team here to you and yours!

Charlie Craigs, Marketing Manager