Filmology Vouchers

Magento E-Commerce Website Design & Build

The Brief

Filmology are cinema ticket voucher specialists. Working closely with the UK’s top chains, they offer discounted cinema vouchers for large-volume purchases, aimed at incentivising employees.

A new website was needed to improve engagement and market their vouchers more effectively. As well as increasing sales and customers, they wanted to improve the service offered through the site, adding functionality for a better customer experience.

Up-to-date order information needed to be provided to customers in real time, the account application process had to be streamlined and added value features provided, such as film information, cinema locations, etc. They already had the ability to sell paper tickets on their existing site, and they wanted the additional function to sell electronic tickets.

In addition to the improvements on the front end, Filmology wanted to automate processes for their team and provide them with a dashboard giving access to relevant information.

Of course, the site’s appearance also needed updating, whilst keeping within Filmology’s brand guidelines and values.

The Project

We started this B2B site from scratch – everything is bespoke. We chose Magento as the E-commerce platform as it’s powerful and future-proof, and researched plug-ins that would allow us to include all of the additional features we needed to achieve the brief.

The previous Filmology Vouchers website was a simple transactional one. We worked to deliver a full website with other areas of interest: blog, forthcoming films; movie preview videos – so clients get an awful lot more from the experience.

This was an existing brand which we refreshed. We were given fairly free reign with the design – the brief was really functionality-based, but this is a cool subject, so easy to get started. It’s a B2B site which is also working to inspire the end-user, so B2C was considered too. The site is fully fluid responsive.

All cinema ticket types had to be available for purchase through the site, including traditional paper-based tickets, e-codes, gift vouchers, food and drink vouchers and unlimited cards for a variety of cinema chains.

Different customer groups see different pricing, currency and cinema chains, depending on factors like geography and quantity of tickets purchased. Delivery pricing works on a scalable matrix. To register, the site validates a user’s information.

The site manages the whole process for the Filmology Vouchers team to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency. To process an order, Filmology teams are given access to different information.

This can be exported by the accounts team, and the exported data is set up to allow easy integration into their bespoke accounting system. The Operations department can only amend pricing and create orders, and the warehouse can see orders when they get to a certain point in the process. They can add a tracking code that only Accounts and the customer can then see.

Visitors can see related products, recently viewed items and can save a wish list. There is a persistent shopping cart feature, so that a customer can add items to their shopping cart on a mobile, make changes on a PC and complete the transaction on a laptop if they wish.

The site has a full CMS – all pages are updateable, and we’ve integrated a payment gateway into the site.

The What’s On page pulls a dynamic feed from – a sister site. The Find my Nearest Cinema feature is a Google Maps API, integrated with another external database of cinema chains and addresses. We’ve integrated a Wordpress blog into Magento for the news section.

We carried out keyword research and optimised copy provided by Filmology to ensure that the language used across the site would be SEO-friendly.

Before launch, we imported Filmology’s active customer list into the database along with their assigned customer group and notes, as well as the product data needed to populate the E-commerce.

The Future

This is one of our favourites – it looks good and has lots of great features. It was a massive change and improvement on what Filmology already had. As it facilitates and automates the whole process on elements that were previously a lot more manual, it will free up resources and speed up orders.

We are working on creating multiple storefronts for the B2C side within the same system.

Client Feedback

We continuously work with Splitpixel on a number of high profile projects. The complex solutions delivered by the Splitpixel team have allowed us to smash our sales targets and generate new business leads. Most importantly, Splitpixel are a great team. No jargon, good honest and sound advice with invaluable knowledge and spectacular creative skill; but above all a team that delivers solutions that work.

Paul Parry, Head of Marketing