Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College

Fresh feel, clear user journeys and an easy-to-update CMS

The Brief

As part of their plan to achieve a conversion to Academy status, Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College (BBEC) wanted to improve their online profile, with a fresher feel that they could use as a basis for the brand profile that would be rolled out across all marketing collateral throughout the school.

BBEC’s previous site had a confusing layout from a user journey perspective, and lots of pages – par for the course for a school’s site! There was a focus on improving the journey and experience for all site visitors and positioning the site better in terms of reflecting the aspirations of the school and ethos ("Ambition; Wisdom & Integrity; Justice & Compassion").

What we did

Inspiration came from the school's building when it came to designing the new styling for the brand. Rob chose three harmonious colours, including that striking green. The fascia features Mondrian-inspired windows (so Rob tells us) and thin lines, which lent itself nicely to a tessellating block style and a very slim typeface for the headers.

As BBEC’s site had to accommodate multiple stakeholders’ user journeys – parents, pupils, teachers and more – we knew from the off that clarity was needed when it came to the site flow, and the huge number of pages needed to be managed, including important regulatory information.

The school were obviously keen that this site be completely secure and easy to update. We chose WordPress as the framework for this, and adapted the CMS, stripping back the options to allow different users different levels of access.

The website functions as a communication tool for the school, showcasing news stories and integrating social media. Jon developed an interactive calendar with month or list view and the ability to categorise different events.

The Future

We provided full training for staff to use the site's CMS, and are providing ongoing support. The easy-to-use News and Events sections mean that it's straightforward for this site to be updated regularly.