Digital Marketing

About Arville

Arville approached us with a detailed brief to help them with their digital marketing in early 2016. They were used to traditional sales methods, relying on their heritage and quality, serving the needs of the current client base. They'd recently repositioned themselves in their market, consolidating several brands under the one brand, Arville, and had launched their website with the rebrand..

The Brief

They were looking for a higher profile and improved positioning in their market, based on their now integrated textiles solution. As well as building brand awareness for new and current customers, they wanted to grow their business.

Their core requirements included support for:

The quality of the work the agency could produce, our day-to-day availability to the client as well as our technical ability and proposed solution, were all important.

What we did

After visiting Arville’s Wetherby office and factory, we got a feel for what really made them tick, how bespoke their fabrics really are, and the kinds of customer they were looking to attract.

With feedback from the client, alongside our own research, we created a digital marketing strategy that went into detail. As well as benchmarking all of the current activity that was taking place online, we provided a competitor analysis, researched buyer personas, defined the goals and targets we'd be working towards, to create a final plan. This included our recommendations for both inbound and outbound digital activity, resource identification (who does what and when). We liaised with a local public relations company about the PR and editorial elements of the brief, and shared our recommendations with them.

Arville were keen for us to make a smooth transition from their previous agency (who had built and managed their website), so we handled this process directly with them.

We made immediate recommendations on changes which would improve the on-site SEO of the Arville website, reviewed their social media, updating information and images where necessary, and created an email template for their monthly newsletter. We examined what had previously been done for the brand on Google AdWords, and started it from scratch.

We run Arville's social media day-to-day, Arville's email marketing, which has healthy open and clickthrough rates, we keep an eye on their SEO, and their AdWords has definitely evolved since we first took it over! We provide a monthly report, which goes into detail about what we think's working for them, what we should do more of, and we make suggestions on further opportunities.

Client Feedback

Splitpixel have the ability and experience as a digital agency to fulfil our requirements in a way that makes them a proactive and useful addition to our team.

Andy Smith, Group Head of Marketing, Arville Textiles