Our Team

The pixel-pushers, code-crunchers & marketing-minded.

Greg Smuk

Technical Director

Greg's the king of all things behind-the-scenes – all the spreadsheets, hosting and boring bits that actually make your website work. Our all-round problem solver, Greg takes the lead on managing e-commerce and web dev projects. Don't let his grumpy exterior fool you – he's a big soft lad really.

A begrudging supporter of Halifax Town and avid fan of The Corrs, Greg also enjoys a nice whiskey, jam sandwiches, and going down the tip.

Charlie Herke

Marketing Director

Charlie is the cheery face and loud voice of Splitpixel, ruling the studio with an iron fist, and managing both web and marketing projects. Identifying client needs, mapping requirements, and making sure we deliver projects on time is all in a day's work.

Despite being a big film fan, Charlie can never remember the name of what she's watched: her favourites include "The Man With the Face" and "The One With the Big Lizard". Other hobbies include eating seeds, collecting Tokidoki merchandise, and anything involving her two boys.

Rob Marshall


Rob is an experienced designer, and has been mucking about in Photoshop in a professional capacity for well over a decade. He specialises in working with clients to develop their brands, and condensing their personality and requirements into nice-looking designs.

Owning a never-ending stream of flat caps and waistcoats, Pictures Rob has proudly embraced the fashion of both Yorkshire and being a dad. He's a Sheffield United fan, and regularly "serenades" the office with his harmonica.

Jon Kidger

Web Developer

Jon is Splitpixel employee number one – and he's still here, slaving over a hot batch of code day in, day out. Specialising in CSS, HTML, Wordpress and responsive builds, Jon can take any design and make it work without any fuss.

Hobbies for Jon include the gym, football (he's a non-league star with Dalton Dynamoes), golf, snowboarding and Pokémon Go. His weekly chicken consumption would shock you to your very core.

Ash Kwil

Web Developer

Ash is our resident tech nerd, and gladly takes time away from his specialism in e-commerce and Magento development to fix our computers for us. Coming from a design background, he takes a creative approach to solving problems and getting things working.

After a misspent youth perfecting Rubik's Cube solutions, Ash has since moved on to building an impressive flight simulator in his garage. He has a pug called Gus, whom he loves very much.

Michelle Millar

Digital Marketing Manager

Michelle is our creative marketer, with a talent for planning, delivering and implementing integrated marketing campaigns both on and offline. She takes the lead on our own campaigns, and is a never-ending source of ideas.

A keen crafter, Michelle spends a lot of her time making clothes for her kids, as well as blogging, baking, walking, and raising chickens – which are all named after Disney princesses.

Jason Scarfe

Web Developer

Jason is our tallest developer, and the second-tallest person in the office overall, specialising in front-end builds with Wordpress, PHP and HTML5. He loves a challenge, as long as it doesn't involve Internet Explorer, and is a big fan of anything involving tables.

In his spare time, Scarfey excels at any sport involving long sticks – pool and golf, mainly – loves a good documentary, and shouts about politics. He also loves Ash's pug, Gus, very much.

Maddie Agnew

Digital Marketing Manager

Maddie's our digital and search marketing pro, covering SEO, PPC, planning, usability testing and strategy for our web and marketing clients. She has a real talent for understanding audiences, and does it all with a smile, very rarely flying into a rage.

In her spare time, Maddie is an accomplished painter, wine drinker and cake maker. She was once on the cover of a Mixmag "Ten Years Of Clubbing" special edition, which is easily the best piece of personal trivia in all of Splitpixel.

Amy Lambert


Amy is a creative designer who specialises in creating eye-catching assets, whether they're web pages, infographics or print brochures. Somewhat strangely for a designer, she hates Photoshop with a fiery passion – but don't worry, she has her own methods.

A distinctly mysterious past has seen Amy travel the globe, and dabble in many a trade – including law, which probably makes her the smartest person in the office. She's a big lover of coffee, and a good Sunday roast.

Rob Evans

Content Manager

Rob is a content researcher and copywriter with over ten years of experience creating copy for web and print. He does all them there words for your websites and blogs and emails and stuff, and can cover just about any subject.

A fan of obscure sad bands from the 90s, Words Rob probably owns too many band tshirts, as well as a pet rabbit called Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is the size of a small dog.

Brady Frost

Digital Marketing Executive

Brady is the tallest person in the marketing team – and indeed the whole office – handling social media strategy and email campaigns. Coming from a journalism background, he's got a keen eye for a story.

His height, glasses and laid back sense of humour invite many a comparison to Stephen Merchant, which he does not mind in the slightest. He's a fan of Arsenal, Star Wars and 80s pop hits, and his mum is still very proud that he got a first at uni.

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