Our Team

The pixel-pushers, code-crunchers & marketing-minded.

Greg Smuk

Technical Director

Greg’s advanced web development skills and can-do attitude means he’s our problem-solver extraordinaire. Coming from a manufacturing background, he understands business processes and knows which solutions will get the most out of your system, whether it’s e-commerce or bespoke functionality.

If he’s not off travelling to European cities, weekends chez Greg are spent perfecting Jamie Oliver’s crispy salmon recipe, supporting his local football team, or drinking cocktails. The best ones include all three.

Charlie Herke

Studio Director

Our happy gaffer Charlie prides herself on identifying clients’ key needs and then exceeding their expectations. The face (and voice!) of the company, she has a knack for getting the best from her team, delivering projects on time and within budget.

When she’s not in the office, she loves all things foodie. She also enjoys a good film with her three boys, but will promptly forget the storyline. And who starred in it. And what it was called.

Rob Marshall

Lead Designer

Rob is passionate about design. Which is good, because he excels at it. Because he understands what a visitor wants to see on your site, he’s skilled in taking complex requests and distilling them into perfectly designed homepages.

Described by the team as a “quirky gentleman”, our Rob loves trawling second-hand shops for hidden gems. Good, old fashioned, granddad stuff.

Jon Kidger

Lead Developer

Web whizzkid Jon is our resident responsive genius. His strengths lie in front end builds, CSS and HTML. Methodical and precise, he loves taking a static design and developing a full working web solution for the client.

Loud, hyperactive, and fast-talking, you’ll probably hear Jon coming before you see him. He’s all about a healthy lifestyle – gym, golf, football, snowboarding, wakeboarding… and chicken. Lots of chicken.


Designer / Developer

Ash, or “The Machine” as he’s affectionately known, is our multi-skilled all-rounder. A whizz designer with added development capabilities, he’s creative and methodical at the same time, finding solutions with no fuss.

A “massive technology geek” (his words!), he spends his time building computers, gaming, mountain biking and down the gym. He’s also rather talented at Speedcubing – that’s solving Rubik’s cubes at high velocity. Best time: 27 seconds.

Michelle Millar

Digital Marketing Manager

Our creative marketer Michelle helps plan, deliver and implement integrated marketing campaigns, both on- and offline. Skilled at ideas generation, she loves thinking of new ways to approach things. And she loves her grammar. And yes, you may start a sentence with “and”.

Loving crafty pursuits and a bit obsessed with fabric, she spends much of her time making pretty dresses and tutus for her toddler.

Jason Scarfe

Web Developer

Jason does everything Jon does, but in PHP. A fan of cutting edge technologies, he specialises in front-end builds, loves HTML5 and hates IE.

It takes a lot to faze laidback Jason, who can usually be found working with his fancy headphones on, listening to rock or Motown. A child pool hall prodigy, he now spends his free time on the golf course, at the gym or snowboarding in France.

Maddie Agnew

Digital Marketing Manager

Maddie does love an audience... if it's of the website variety. In which case, the bigger the better. That is why Maddie is constantly striving to deliver results-driven digital marketing campaigns that use the latest SEO, SEM and social media techniques. Hand in hand with this is usability testing, which she also knows a thing or two about.

Maddie makes a mean sponge cake, she's happiest with a glass of vino in her hand and likes to paint portraits of kids and dogs.

Amy Lambert


Amy supports our Lead Designer with responsive breakdowns, designing internals, imagery sourcing and email designs. She loves seeing her ideas brought to life!

Originally a Law student, Amy then lived in Australia and New Zealand. She has spent a lot of time travelling, enjoys trying local restaurants and begrudgingly goes to the gym.

Rob Evans

Content Researcher & Writer

Rob is a content researcher and writer with over ten years of experience creating copy for web and print. He can cover just about any subject, but hates writing about himself, making website bios a real struggle

Rob likes sad bands from the 90s and dislikes eating animals. He has a pet rabbit called Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is the size of a small dog.